If I donate money, how much of it will go to the families that POST serves?

92% of donated money goes directly to help the families that POST serves. All of our services are free, we use all the funds we acquire to provide families with the services they need.


Is POST a 501(c)(3)?

Yes, we are! You’re donation will be tax-deductible!


Can I donate toys and other items?

Yes! POST accepts donations of new toys, blankets, clothes, books and batteries. For medical and safety purposes, we ask that all donations be new. At this time, we are fully stocked in beanie babies and stuffed animals, but items like clothes, batteries and even toothbrushes are always needed! Because of regulations, all items must be new.

We also accept donations of non-perishable foods. Please make sure they are within the expiration date. Cereals, single serving foods, macaroni and cheese, kids’ snacks, and canned goods are always popular.