Everything we do at POST is designed to give you and your family help and hope with compassion.Through compassionate multidisciplinary services, POST helps families cope with the impact of a child’s diagnosis of cancer.

Giving Hope Family Support

Having a child diagnosed with cancer is one of the most devastating events that a family can experience. Children can be traumatized by medical procedures and frequent exposure to strangers. Parents experience fear, anxiety, helplessness and a loss of control. Siblings may become jealous or angry as the parents’ attention is increasingly focused on the ill patient. Existing support systems are inadequate to cope with the sudden challenge of this life and death struggle. Families feel isolated and alone, lacking the tools to manage these new and overwhelming experiences. Feelings of uncertainty become a part of everyday life. POST services include:

  • Individual & Family Counseling, Support Groups, Sibling Support
  • Medical Play & Procedural Support
  • Wish referral and coordination
  • Survivorship Support

“Save My Seat” School Advocacy

Cancer and cancer treatment interfere with children’s ability to attend school, their school readiness, academic success, and socialization. A POST therapist helps parents complete school forms, attends school meetings to advocate, and helps create a supportive environment within the classroom using stuffed animal as surrogates and engaging peers to become allies.

Giving Help Family Financial Assistance Program

Families who have to care for an ill child usually become financially devastated as one parent stops working to care for the ill child and medical bills are overwhelming. To help families cope with financial hardship, POST Financial Assistance Program provides relief towards basic needs such as housing, transportation, groceries and other daily living needs. POST also connects families to local and national resources which can help.

Giving Healing Social Events & Outings

POST organizes social outings events so families can interact with each other and forget about what goes on in their day-to-day lives. One of the first casualties of cancer is family fun and family together-time. Families also need to meet other families going through similar circumstances and forge bonds that may last a lifetime. Some events in the past have included the annual Holiday Party, Cancer Survivor celebrations, Fall Festival, Healing with Humor dinner, Family Night Out, summer movie outings, Pirate Ship adventures and other events. If you have an event idea or would like to sponsor an event, please contact us with your suggestion! Family Photos

Giving Comfort

When cure is no longer an option, POST is still there to help ensure quality of life. We provide end-of-life support and bereavement services when needed.