Monthly giving is one of the best ways to support the important work of POST. Through steady, ongoing support POST is able to plan and budget for services and acitvities to help children best fight cancer.

It ensures consistent funds are available to support each year.

How Does Monthly Giving Work?

It’s actually quite easy. Just choose the size of your gift, and we handle the rest! Begin by setting up your recurring gift online or call (561) 882-6336. Each month (or every quarter), your contribution is transferred from your credit card or bank account directly to POST. You are always in control of your giving and can change or suspend your donations at any time.

What Will My Gift Do?

Your continuing support goes directly toward funding support, education, and activities for families. Even small recurring gifts make a huge impact. Here’s what your gift can do:

  • $20 a month helps pay for 1 hour of a POST therapist to provide support, medical play, and sibling support
  • $35 a month pays for 1 hour of family events so that families can forget about cancer for awhile.
  • $50 a month buys a gas card for a family so they can get their child to treatment appointments.
  • $100 a month pays for 1 family respite outing so they can make memories.