“Dear POST,

Thank you for your kindness to our family this Christmas holiday (and throughout the year!). We are truly grateful for your encouragement, support in so many ways, your generosity, etc. You’ve each been a gift to our family, and we are grateful for how you care for your families in such personal ways.
We’d never wish a cancer diagnosis on anyone, but I do wish every family could feel this loved. Your work is far from easy, but it sure is appreciated. Thank you for supporting us through a difficult last two years. We are grateful. Happy New Year!
With love and thanks,
Emily, Jay, and family


“I am 21 years old and I am a cancer survivor. Having the POST team as a resource has meant the world to me. They helped me cope . . . they held my hand . . . they comforted me in their arms when I cried. The POST team encouraged me to stay strong and fight for my life. Even today, I know that I can call the POST team if I have a problem. I hope that someday every child diagnosed with cancer will receive the comfort and encouragement that I received from the POST team.

a former POST client


“In June 2002, our son Seth was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The diagnosis came just two weeks before Seth’s fifth birthday. Throughout the course of Seth’s treatment, POST was a constant, comforting source of support. Unfortunately, less than six months after diagnosis, our little boy succumbed to an infection secondary to his cancer. Even at that late hour, on a long holiday weekend, members of POST were there for us. POST was always there, not only for the well-being of our son with cancer, but also to give support to our entire family. We have not, and never will, forget all that POST did for Seth and us.”

a former POST family

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