30 Days, 30 Ways


Join POST in raising awareness for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in 30 different ways for the 30 days of September!


1.      Change your cover photo for the month

Head over to our Facebook page to check out our cover photo and make it yours for the month too!

2.      Invite your friends to “like” the POST Facebook page

Whether it’s 3 or 30, personally invite your friends to like the POST Facebook page so they can learn how to spread awareness as well.

3.      Share how you’re celebrating by using hashtags #childhoodcancer #30days30ways and #POSTFL

Feel free to use these hashtags on both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4.      Wear a gold ribbon all month

Pick up a gold ribbon from our office that you can rock throughout September.

5.      30 random acts of kindness blog

We are looking for 30 acts of kindness to be displayed on our blog for September. Submit a photo and blurb about your act of kindness to

6.      Switch your search engine to Goodsearch

Select POST as your cause on Goodsearch so that every time you make a search, funds go toward helping local children with cancer.

7.      Use GoodSearch to learn more or answer your questions

about childhood cancer, or someone else’s cancer

8.  Test your knowledge of childhood cancer

Even if you think don’t know much now, make this test a learning opportunity, and then spread your knowledge with others!

9.  Host a fundraiser for childhood cancer awareness month (Ex: for POST)

Fundraisers such as Penny Wars between grade levels or departments  are a great way to motivate people to participate.

10.  Have a “Gold Out” at work or school

Coordinate with your job or school so that employees or students can pay $3 to wear gold or jeans for a day instead of business attire or uniform.

11.  Give a gold ribbon to someone

and explain what it means.

12.  Use yellow/gold plastic cups on fences

Get creative by spelling out words with cups on a school or home fence. (Make sure to get permission before hanging these up.)

13.  Dress up for National Dress 4 Pediatric Cancer Day/Go Gold Day 

Check out the Go 4 the Goal website for more information.

14.  Accessorize in Gold

Try painting your nails gold (Dads get extra points!) or wear gold jewelry.

15.  Stop by POST to pick up a gold pencil

16.  Write a Thank You note to POST

Let the team know what they have done for your family or someone you know

17.  Art Contest

Draw something that shows how your family connects to POST. Your artwork may be used for promotional material in the future! (Deadline: September 23rd, 2013; Winner Announced: September 27th, 2013)

18.  Decorate a ribbon to be displayed at POST

Stop by the office, click here, or email a request to to decorate a ribbon to be displayed at the office.

19.  Sign up for Light the Night (you may join Team POST)

or another organization you are in support of.

20.  Use the 10-5 rule

When you are 10 ft away from another person, smile; when you are 5 ft or closer say hello!

21.  Watch and share the Stronger than Cancer video 

Have you or someone you know not seen our music video? Make sure to watch and share! (Even if you’ve seen it before, you know you want to jam to it one more time!) You can also stop by our office to pick up card with a QR code that links to the video to hand out.

22.  Dress in Gold and share with us

Don’t be afraid to go gold from head to toe! Make sure to take photos and share using this month’s hashtags!

23.  Take a photo with the awareness speech bubble or create your own and share

Feel free to use our design or make your own.

24.  Show the medical staff your appreciation

This can count as an act of kindness

25.  Change your phone wallpaper for the month

Save this photo on your phone, or email and request to have it sent to the email account on your phone.

26.  Have a gold/yellow snack and share

How many yummy gold snacks can you think of? Get creative and don’t forget to share!

27.  Rock your cancer t-shirt

maybe even a POST t-shirt!

28.  Call your local radio station to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

29.  Submit your story for a chance to be on our YouTube channel

Submit a 2 minute video (or come in and we will help you record) about what childhood cancer awareness month means to you. Please send to by September 30, 2013

30.  Come up with your own way to celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

We know you will think of fun, awesome, and creative ways so don’t forget to share!

#childhoodcancer #30days30ways #POSTFL