If you are interested in learning more about any or all of these camps please call Megan at POST 561-882-6336.

“Hi my name is Daniel and all the camps I have been to have all been equally fun but they all have different things.

 The first camp I went to was “Camp Boggy Creek.” The first time I went, it was a family weekend. We drove to Eustis, Florida. Once we arrived, we put all of our belongings in the cabin. Then we parked the care and they kept it safe until we left. Every morning we would be ready to leave by 8:00am and the counselor who had us would pick us up and we would go to a morning activity and then breakfast.  Then we would have another activity afterwards, we would rest for an hour. Then we would have lunch and another activity. There are so many activities such as archery, fishing, canoeing, mini golf, woodshop and art. They also have a theater, gymnasium and pool. Near the end, before you leave, they have a talent show in the theater. In the gymnasium, you can throw a football, play soccer, hula hoop, play ping pong and pool, sit on a scooter or play basketball. During the summer usually just the kids go, but they have to be at least 7 years old and the oldest they can be is 16 years old. During the summer, they bring animals to the farm. Most kids in the oldest go to “conquer the tower” all the way back near the farm.

The second camp I went to was called “Deliver the Dream,” and my family drove to this one in Ft. Lauderdale. Here they also had fishing, canoeing, basketball and a lot of activities that were different from all camps. They had more activities that would separate the adults from the children. They were mostly group activities or pairs but I did have a lot of great memories here.

The third camp I went to was “Camp Sunshine.” This camp was located up north all the way in Casco, Maine. They said that they would pay for the trip so instead of flying, which they offered us, we decided to go on a road trip. On the way, when everyone needed to rest, we would stay at a friend or family’s house. While we were driving up, we noticed more snow and once we got to camp, there were hills of snow. They told us that we had come during the winter session, but there is also a summer session. Here it was way different, we were able to go sledding, snow-shoeing, skating, and inside the main building there were different age group doors. Inside there was a T.V., video games, shuffle board table, pool table, ping pong, and bean bag chairs. When we could, they would call us to go to an inside pool that was heated and had a volleyball net. Near the last day, they took us to a snow park where we could either ski or snow board. If you didn’t know how to, they would give you a lesion. Then you would be able to go to a practice hill that was maybe 10 meters. Once you learned you were able to hit the slopes. Then everyone would go home. It took us 1 week to go up and come back.

The last camp I went to was called “Camp Fiesta.” This one is also located in Ft. Lauderdale. Here you don’t do much at the camp, but there is one day that they do a field day. Through the 2 times I have been to this camp, I have gone to restaurants, a very famous ice cream parlor, the movies, an Olympic pool, the beach, bowling, deep sea fishing, Boomers, Dave and busters, and the mall. In this camp, for 3 days, we go to Orlando. We have gone to Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach. Once we get back at the end of camp, we have a dance. Each year, they have a big Christmas party and some kids are invited.

Finally, when I went to “Camp Boggy Creek,” they kept us in mind and invited us to a Families R.O.C.K (Reaching out to Cancer kids) weekend. It was in Orlando where we stayed in a fancy hotel. When we left, we were given an opportunity to go to either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure.

If you ever get a chance to go to any of these camps, I suggest you take the chance or trust me, you will have regretted it. One better thing is that all these camps have a nurse so that you can take your medication if you still need it. I will tell you that all of them accept you for who you are and they all have big chances to make a lot of new friends. These camps have literally become by home away from home. When I can’t go anymore, I am definitely going to volunteer at all these camps because I want to be a great counselor just like my old counselors at all the camps.”

If you are interested in learning more about any or all of these camps please call Megan at POST 561-882-6336.