Coming from a family that had a strong history of cancer, Barbara Abernathy, PhD was inspired to help others dealing with cancer. Barbara helped start POST in order to help children diagnosed with cancer, and their families, by making sure they don’t walk through their cancer journey alone. Her own journey with leukemia and treatment with a bone marrow transplant led her to believe that cancer doesn’t happen to just one person; cancer happens to families.

The daughter of a Pharmacist (Dad) and Nurse (Mom), Barbara was profoundly impacted by the altruistic culture her parents created; they helped everyone even if they couldn’t afford the medicine or help they needed. She learned that everyone can use a hand up, not just a hand out. She deeply believes that our calling in this life is to make life better for other people. Her parents’ example would influence her life path. As the President and CEO of POST, Barbara makes sure that the funding for POST continues, and that every family’s needs are met.

Barbara has a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwestern University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from South Alabama University, a Master’s in Biological Sciences from Florida Atlantic University, and a PhD in Counselor Education.

In her free time, Barbara enjoys spending time with friends, reading biographies of people who have made big differences in this world, spending time with her dachshunds and sipping on Coke, never coffee.

Barbara’s spirit animal is hands down the Manatee, “because they are peaceful animals who don’t attack anything, and don’t have any natural predators. They exist just to slow us down and make the world a better place.”