Good Morning families! I’ve been brainstorming some helpful tips that have helped families in the past….

Tip #1:  It’s a good idea to keep a “hospital bag” packed and ready in your car. One never can tell when a quick trip to the hospital is called for! Items to include in your bag might include: comfy clothes, toys and games, movies, books, the idea being to entertain your child and yourself.

Tip #2: When you come for a doctor’s appointment and find the waiting room full, sign in (this is a must!), then feel free to come and visit the POST family in 301.

Tip#3: I’ve learned– in 37 years of marriage– to keep an open line of communication with my husband especially in regards to our children. Sometimes, we don’t see eye to eye and that’s OK. Remember, when all else fails, feel obliged to take a rain check and go to a good movie, alone if need be 🙂