Good day families! This is the first installment of “Tips From Terrie” …little tidbits of information that I’ve gathered over 15 years working for POST and, as the mother of three children.

TIP #1:  Please always make certain to have plenty of hand sanitizer around your home, in your    car, and—ladies— do carry a bottle in your purse.  It’s important to keep little hands safe and clean. Always a very good idea to wipe down your children’s hands—and your own—when leaving the doctor’s office or the hospital.

TIP #2:  Abide by your physician’s suggestions for proper nutrition for a child in treatment. It might be a good idea to revisit your familiy’s nutrition on the whole to include healthier eating habits. This helps the whole family get behind a child’s treatment plan.

TIP #3: Mums and Dads, have a spot of tea after a long day! Calms your nerves and is good way to enjoy a bit of self-caring. Throw in some biscuits (cookies) and have yourself a proper tea time!