WAHOOOO – it’s summer time! School is out, and it’s all about road trips, vacations, and hanging out with family. During the summer months, approximately 230 million Americans pack up their suitcases and travel. If you are traveling with some limitations (such a yucky germs), there is no need to let them get in the way of your summer plans. Here is how:

Before you head out, run your plans past your doctor and get them approved. Once you get the OK, ask your doctor to write a note with all medications your child will be taking, diagnosis, and other relevant information. This information is good to have along with knowledge of a medical center near your destination should you need to see a doctor on your trip. Hint: doctors can also write notes in case you plan on going to a theme park saying that your child cannot be in large crowds.

Next, make sure you have enough (or even more) of your child’s medications for the duration of the trip. If your child will need a wheelchair at your destination, call ahead to see if they can provide one for you. We all know how it feels to get tired but want to keep going… planning ahead can make this possible for your child.

Don’t forget! To stay safe from the sun, pack enough water and sun screen for your whole family if you plan on being outside. Hydration, hydration, hydration! is key to a memorable vacation.

To stay safe from germs, don’t forget to pack masks and hand sanitizer for your child. Good times to use some would be before and after eating, touching railings, and door handles or knobs.

Now go enjoy your vacation, and stay safe!

Don’t forget to take lots of photos to share with POST when you get back!