2022 STRONGER than Cancer Virtual Run/Walk

You are a HERO to courageous local kids and their families fighting cancer. This is SO much more than a race! This is an awesome event to honor and celebrate the cancer journeys of these brave young warriors. Choose your own 3.1 mile or 1 mile course to reflect upon the HOPE, STRENGTH, RESILIENCE, and BRAVERY of these amazing kids.


What is a virtual race?

A Virtual Race is a race you can run at any location, at your pace, outside or on a treadmill, alone or with a group of friends. It’s a great way to train and stay active, run for a good cause, and get awesome medals and swag. … Race package includes your race medal, bib and a race t-shirt.

Virtual races are very similar to in-person races – you enter a race and when you finish you get a medal etc – but differ from in-person events in two key ways:

  1. You can choose when to complete the virtual race (between Oct 15th and Oct 30th).
  2. You can complete the race wherever you like. You can even do the whole thing indoors on a treadmill!

Why Virtual 5k’s are AWESOME

There are no parking problems. No crowds. No long Porta-Potty lines. There is no start gun or nerves or worrying about your finishing place.

Virtual 5k’s have been becoming more and more popular, even before concerns about large gatherings and social distancing became our new normal. Virtual 5k’s are great because you can participate from anywhere around the world. And because they are lower cost, a greater majority of the funds go where you want them to – to help children and their families get the support they need to fight cancer.

How do I register?

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Is my registration fee tax-deductible?

Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. $25 of your registration fee is tax deductible. 100% of donations are tax-deductible.

How do I set up a team?

Use the same link above to set up an account so your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors can join your Virtual Running Team. Your team can run or walk anywhere you want as long as your team completes the 3.1 miles (or 1 mile) anytime during October 15th or October 30th. Compete against other teams around the country to come up with Best Team Name, Best Team Costumes, and Best Fundraising Team (highest total fundraising).

How far do I run or walk?

There are two distance options: 5k or 1 Mile Warrior Walk.

Run your chosen distance anytime during October 15th through October 30th. You do not need to "run" the entire distance, it's perfectly fine to walk or jog instead of run.

Does time matter?

Take as long as you need or go for a personal best! It’s up to you. There is no need to run or walk the entire distance at one time. You can even break up the distance over a couple of days.

You can sleep in and run/walk at a time that is convenient for you.

Where do I run? 

Anywhere you want!  You can run through your neighborhood, on a school track (if you plan on running on a school track, check with the school first), on a running path, on a trail, or on a treadmill. Is there a 5k in your hometown that weekend?  Join that 5 k and earn our medal while also earning theirs.

What do I do with the race bib?

We will send to you a race bib with your name on it.  Running with your bib is optional. If you want to run with your bib, you can print it and pin it to your shirt. Take a picture of yourself with the race bib. Post your pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

What kind of paper should I print my bib on?

It's best if you use waterproof ink jet paper or paper that is slightly heavier than regular paper.

How do I get a medal?

Medals will shipped via mail to registered runners.

How do I know when I have completed 3.1 miles (or 1 mile)?

If you plan to use a treadmill, determining the distance is easy. If you will be running outside there are a number of running apps you can download to your phone. Some common ones are Strava, Runkeeper, Map My Run, Nike + Running and Zombies, Run. Or you can use your car to travel the route.  If use a school track, check with the school about distance.

How do I let POST know that I've completed my event?

Take note of distance and time.

  • Take a photo or screenshot of:
    • You at the finish line with your timing device, watch, phone, fitbit, treadmill screen,etc. showing time and distance.
    • You with your team after finishing


  • Post to social media and tag POST -
    • Also use the #STRONGERthanCancer or
  • Email your photo to Alexis@postfl.org .

What if I have more questions?  Email any additional questions to: Alexis@postfl.org or post@postfl.org or call (561)882-6336.

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