Diagnosis of cancer for a child is devastating for the entire family psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. POST has licensed therapists, a case manager, and a program coordinator to help families through this difficult journey. We can be reached at 561-882-6336.


Barbara Abernathy, PhD, LMHC is CEO of the Pediatric Oncology Support Team, Inc. (POST). She provides support and guidance to the team. She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and provides counseling to children and families. Learn more about Barbara, her cancer journey, her triathlon fundraiser for POST, and her 19 years with POST here!

Barbara can be reached at babernathy@postfl.org



Terrie Johnson is the POST Program Coordinator. She maintains a warm, friendly atmosphere in the office, helps clients with wishes, and serves as a liaison to ensure that services are provided. She oversees the team to make sure that every family gets what they need. Read more about Terrie, her likes, and her 19 years with POST here!

Terrie can be reached at tjohnson@postfl.org


who_we_are_cgdCarmengloria Davis, MS is the POST Case Manager. She helps families find, apply for, and secure assistance from local and national resources. She serves as a liaison and an advocate on behalf of POST clients and is also a Spanish speaker. Learn more about Carmengloria, her personality, and her commitment to POST here!

Carmengloria can be reached at cdavis@postfl.org


Lissette Hernandez, LMHC, joined POST as a Child & Family Therapist in 2016 and is now the Senior Therapist. She has been a welcome addition to the team, teaching families coping skills and providing the supportive counseling they desperately need.

Lissette can be reached at lhernandez@postfl.org.


Pam Daly keeps our books and makes sure that all the essential administrative details are in order.

Pam can be reached at pdaly@postfl.org